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Gifts for House Warming

Where we love is home - home tshat our feet may leave, but not our hearts. It takes hands to build a house, but only hearts can build a home.

Moving into a new home is a time that's full of excitement and friends, family, and neighbors often share it by taking a housewarming gift to the new homeowners. The selection of gifts depends partly on how well you know the recipients, and if you have insight into their personal tastes and preferences, their needs and wants.

For your close friends, housewarming gifts can be personal, humorous, and special, while for new neighbors or acquaintances you may want to make more generic gift choices.

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Housewarming gifts are that type of gifts that needn't always be formally gift wrapped. After all, plants, gift baskets, and other large items can not be wrapped and groomed. Instead, consider using tulle fabric or netting, clear cellophane, or even just a colorful bow to adorn your gift. Be sure to include a handwritten welcome card, and whenever possible, personally take the gift to the home and officially "warm" it with your good wishes.

Whatever your gift choice, make sure it is something appropriate for you and for the recipients. Some suggestions for gift ideas for housewarmings :

Give Something Classic
Simple beauty never goes out of style. A silver picture frame, a cut crystal bud vase, or a beautiful clock are objects that can fit into almost any home. Make it special by buying it in your friend's favorite store. For an extra touch, fill the frame with a personal photo, place a rose in the bud vase, or engrave the object with the move-in date.

Add to their Collection
Choose an object that your friends can add to a treasured collection -- things like an antique tin, a white ironstone bowl, or a silver napkin ring are possibilities for some collectors. Then add a little something extra to the gift... perhaps a mini box of truffles inside the tin, some wonderful tea in the ironstone bowl, or a small bouquet of flowers cinched with the napkin ring.

Creative Gift Baskets
Choose a theme appropriate for your recipients and have fun putting together something creative. Just choose a themed container, several appropriate pieces to place inside, and tie it all up in cellophane and a pretty bow. Use package shred or crinkled tissue to cushion the items if necessary.
Gardening Bucket with garden tools, gloves, seeds, pruners, and gardening magazines.
Just Add Water with a vase, stem cutters, floral design book, and a big bunch of fresh flowers.
Paint Party in a Paint Tray with paint rollers, brushes, drop cloths, tape, 5 in 1 Tool.
Starter Tool Box with tape measure, hammer, screwdriver, pliers, and assorted nails.
Picture Hanging Kit with picture hangers and wire, nails, tape measure, level, and plumb line.
Dinner Kit with a casserole, plates, utensils, paper cups, and a bottle of sparkling cider.
Emergency Chocolate Kit for incurable chocoholics -- a candy tin or a basket, and a variety of chocolate candy, truffles, cookies, or freshly baked goods made of -- you guessed it -- chocolate

Make Something Special
Gif the gift of yourself by presenting something you've made. Perhaps a flavored vinegar, shaped topiary, painted welcome sign, fireplace starters, a flower arrangement or an Easy Fruit Arrangment.

Toasting Flutes
Add to their wedding crystal, or choose unique toasting flutes especially for the occasion. Tie the stems with pretty bows, and include a bottle of bubbly to toast your friends in their new home


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